Communication advisor

Rasmus Holm

Communication advisor

To me, film production is the most condensed form of communication. It combines esthetics, words, timing and a lot more, and of course an overall understanding of the messaging and what lies behind.


All my work in communication draws on that understanding, whether it has moving pictures or not.


This is a small selection of my communication work.

Communication Advisor

Master Vision



Developing and producing strategic communication and actual communication material for various clients.


One of the main tasks has been running the campaign Inuit Sila, including website design and communication, Facebook communication, speech writing, film productions and PR (including BBC, Guardian, CBC, Sueddeutsche, Politiken and others).


Producer and director of a large corporate film production for Kopenhagen Fur. One of the films had more than 160k views on FB.


Other communication related work.


2016 - Developing and producing communication material as well as PR for Holm Cider.


2015 - Production for the Danish Ministry of Health, including film and booklet.


2012-2016 - Large and ongoing production for Shell Denmark about safety. Primarily film production.


2000-2007 - design and production of website for the travel agency Region Rejser.


1999-2001 - Creating and developing websites at Scandinavia Online. Amongst others GAFFA and various now nonexisting.


Communication Advisor in Nepal

Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke/ActionAid



Developing strategic communication strategies.


Producing communication material on a daily basis, for example for website, member magasin, annual reports and travel programme.


Responsible for production of a vast film material for a democracy educational program (local democracy in Nepal).


Expert voice in Danish medias on matters concerning Nepal, Asia and development. For example Danish Broadcast, Information.




Rasmus Holm